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Friday, July 08, 2005
I just came across "Stop being copycats...," an article that ran in PDI's business page on how local advertising is "still finding our voice" and how our seeming inability to produce great, creative ads is traced to a lack of sense of self among Filipinos. The Creative Guild of the Philippines President Yoly Ong posed the question, "Where do we want to be?" Among other responses: Be in the global creative radar; develop more originality and emotion; have our own genre of Pinoy ads - grittier, meatier, more philosophical, introspective, thought-provoking, as profound as a Lino Brocka movie. Next question then, "How do we get there?" The answers that Ong gathered may apply as well to any of us with a writing/creative block. Consider: Get to know the market (in our case, the dear reader) better - listen to them talk, look at how they dress. Emotions are unique but universal. Ads (in our case, writing) that move the market (i.e. reader) and will be remembered. Get to know our history. Take ourselves lightly but seriously. Search for what is real in our people. And, there among the tips that made me want to share this to start with - drumroll please - Go to Quiapo! Hey, we knew that :)
I'm an advertising grad, and reading this brought me back to college. Thank you. :)

Most see selling in a negative light, but it's actually a fundamental skill-- we sell ourselves all the time. And this self is what creeps into any output we have--our habits, thoughts, writing.

Quiapo to be curious again, to be disarmed, to be an observer, and possibly interact. There are many triggers; another I suggest is Binondo (go to San Nicolas, supposedly home to the highest concentration of colonial houses in Manila). Very disarming. ;)

* * *
The rest of the Questions:
Who am I? (Vision Mission Objective)
Where am I going? (Goals)
How do I get there? (Strat)
Am I getting there? (Eval)

Should help to apply the process to ourselves as persons first, then as writers.
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