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Saturday, July 02, 2005
travel movies + solo travel
This isn't a writing post, but since we got into the topic, might as well ask for input--

What are other travel movies? Or movies on-the-go, not ancient adventure or fantasy, but set in modern times? Perhaps those that concretely inspire you to go out there and explore..

Off the top of my head:
The Beach
Under the Tuscan Sun
Road Trip
Motorcycle Diaries
Y Tu Mama Tambien
Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle

Before Sunrise/Sunset
North by Northwest
Stand By Me

more adventure films

* * *

On the side, there's this Spanish film I remembered while making that list.

"Hola, estas sola?"
Sinopsis (spanish): Basically a story of journey and friendship between two 20-yr-old girls.

The title is a typical Spanish greeting that translates as "Hi, are you alone?" Interestingly, it's addressed specifically to females. Can mean anywhere from:
Just today I was walking around Intramuros by myself, probably with that obvious lost-wandering look, and three people talked to me implying one of the above. What is it with traveling alone, or being alone for that matter? Is there something inherently unnatural about it? What comfort, assurance is added by traveling with a companion?

In any case, talking to strangers can be a lovely, disarming source of inspiration. :)
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