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Friday, July 22, 2005
yes, this boat

Mads wasn't exaggerating, Catalyn-C isn't for the faint of heart. Mostly, we took our cues from the locals (who think nothing of bringing their infant and elderly on board - this is their Manila-El Nido commute) and the no-nonsense Australian backpacker, Daryl, who seconds after taking in our initial startled expression at the crampness of it all, casually advised, "Just accept the situation." That helped, actually. Good thing I can go to sleep anywhere, and that the manang who sold hard candies offered Bonamin as well. (Talk about captive market.) Besides (you tell yourself), everything's material, right? Always interesting in the retelling. Then comes the belated confession: We took the plane back. Hehehe.
You two are so funny.
"Accept the situation." Goes for a lot of things here. Hehe.
What of El Nido? :)
What of El Nido? Maybe what's at work here is that: When everything does go well (just getting to the destination can usher that), idyllic even, you sometimes tend to feel writing about it pa may be bragging na (or, as mapamahiin Pinoys say, may just be courting an eventual jinx). Near-disaster tales at least assure interest; someone else is sure to relate :)
hi jo: i figure there's a lot of excellent material on El Nido na, so I'd rather not touch that one. I'm interested more in writing about the "gaps" in travel-writing, like, maybe, How to Dig A Latrine...:-)
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