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Friday, April 25, 2008
The Bellagio, Las Vegas by Mia Padilla (unfinished)
Last December my husband and I joined by sister’s family for a brief stay at the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas. From the moment we arrived at the world-renowned gamblers’ paradise, we entered a place of stylish, artful, albeit commercial magic.

Stepping out of the stretch Hummer, I felt I was entering an 80’s party reminiscent of my younger days. From the circular driveway of the hotel, we heard the tune of Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’. As if on cue, my two-year-old nephew taps his feet while allowing the rest of his body to flow with the music. We were immediately greeted by a distinguished looking doorman who called upon two eager bellhops to take care of our luggage.

Stepping into the grand lobby of the hotel, we look up at a ceiling intricately filled with colored Murano glass in the shape of seashells. My husband immediately takes a photo declaring it to be a grand work of art. To the left of the lobby are the registration desks – at least ten of them. We quickly get our room keys since my five-year-old niece was impatiently grabbing my hand and leading me to the back of the lobby. What we found at the back was an indoor garden converted into a yuletide paradise with four-foot reindeer hanging from the ceiling. There was also the scene of a Christmas tree being decorated by penguins with carefully wrapped gifts scattered around. Hotel guests crossed a small wooden bridge that led to a section with huge floral arrangements adorned with red and silver balls and pine leaves.

What is most fascinating about the Bellagio, however, is the scene of the dancing fountains. Every hour, a pool of fountains is turned on to the tune of a popular song. The flowing water, accentuated by yellow lights, sways like the movements of a graceful ballerina. My husband and stood by the railing looking out to the fountains that danced to ‘It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year’.
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